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Custom Coffee Blends

posted Feb 04 2021 | All posts

It's Time to Create Your Custom Coffee Blend

We started Persona Coffee to give people the power to create their own custom coffee blends. While many coffee roasters give consumers different choices of year-round coffee blends, they often hide their process and the raw ingredients that go into creating those coffee blends. We think that process is what makes coffee so unique and great. With Persona, we flip the norm of creating blends for the market and trust our customers to create their own custom coffee blends based on their own unique likes and dislikes.

Are you ready to create your own coffee?

How to create a custom coffee blend

Creating a custom coffee blend on is about as easy as it gets. For coffee experts and those comfortable with different coffee growing regions, we recommend jumping right into our custom coffee blend builder.

1) The first step is picking your bag size. 12 oz or 5 lbs. Unless you're creating a custom blend for a large number of coffee drinkers like an office, we recommend sticking with the 12oz bag.

2) Next, you'll select between single origin coffees or a two coffee bean blend. We're hoping to create a three or even four coffee bean but for now you're limited to 2.

3) Next, select your first coffee bean origin. All our green coffee is selected by licensed Q graders (coffee experts) and we choose lots with flavor components the growing regions are most known such as berry notes in Ethiopian coffees. 

4) If you selected a dual blend, it will ask you for the percentage of that coffee you'd like in your blend. If you selected, single origin coffee, it already sets it to 100%.

5) For a dual blend custom coffee, it will ask you for your second coffee. Then, our system will automatically calculate the remaining percentage.

6) Now, you select the roast level for your custom coffee. We roast the coffees separately according to roast profiles set specifically for that coffee and then mix later. This helps to ensure we are able to get the optimal flavor from each coffee. 

7) Then, you can select your grind level for your coffee. We strongly recommend selecting whole bean coffee and grinding your coffee at home for several reasons but offer it as a conveinence.

8) Your custom coffee blend is now ready but you still get to customize your label. The label customization creates the opportunity for an excellent gift or to keep track of your various coffee experiments.

9) To personalize your coffee, you need to name your coffee, select your font, and color of your label. 

10) Now, you're all done and can relax as we roast your custom ordered coffee to order and prepare to ship it to you.

Tips on choosing the best custom coffee blends

Roast level

For most coffee lovers, they have a preference on the roast level. We allow three different custom roast levels: Light, Medium, and Dark. 

For single-origins, we recommend trying the light roast profile to really experience the nuanced flavors from the coffee. The one exception to this is the Indonesian green coffee which is typically prepared as a dark roast.

For the blended custom coffees, we recommend you pick your desired roast level. If you enjoy some of the major coffee roasters, we'd recommend the dark to medium. If you frequent your local coffee roasters, we'd recommend trying the light roasts.

In general, our light roasts bring out the uniqueness of the coffee and creates a brighter, more acidic cup of coffee. Our medium roast develops the coffee's flavor a more fully, provides balance and more sweetness. The dark roast provides the least acidity bringing out darker and deeper flavors.

Picking Coffee Origin

One of the best parts of creating food or beverages like coffee is picking the raw ingredients you use. We select the best green coffee to give you superior coffee to use to create your custom coffee blend. Many of our coffees are fair trade, direct trade, organic and chosen by licensed Q graders.

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