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Best Coffee Scales

posted Apr 30 2021 | All posts

Brewing coffee at home is serious business. I know what I want and how I like it. Some people spend a thousand dollars on different coffee brewing methods, but they measure their coffee beans without a scale (maybe a plastic scoop). The main idea is to experiment with the coffee. You can try some recipes created by baristas or coffee experts. Some people like to take note of the ratios that professionals do. To experiment and perfect these coffee portions whenever is using a scale. You need a scale for weighing coffee beans and water used during the brewing process to improve your cup of coffee. A coffee scale is a good option when you want to see professional results in your coffee. 

  • My top pick for best coffee scale

Timemore Black Mirror Coffee and Espresso Scale 

This digital coffee scale has everything you need for coffee and espresso. It has an accuracy of 0.1 gram, a large capacity of 2 kilos, a silicon heat pad to protect your gear and a built-in timer for tracking your extraction. It has a clean design, matte finish, and it is for those who like simple styles. The only two buttons on the surface are for power/tare and timer operation. You can rely on auto-function. Just program the scale and let it do its job. It has a series of functions controlled by a program that does not require an operator.  It feels solid, looks great on the countertop, and the scale charges via USB, which is a huge relief because you do not need to buy batteries. 


  • List of best coffee digital scales 

Brewista Ratio Pour-Over Coffee Scale

Brewista Ratio Pour-Over Coffee Scale is an excellent training tool for new baristas. It has an option to set the desired brew ratio. The built-in timer will only start once you have set your brew ratio, hit tare, weighted coffee grounds, and placed your brewing device on the scale. The display responds quickly, and the scale is portable and light. You can choose an automatic or manual timer. The timer starts when you hit the timer button, or the scale detects water hitting the coffee bed: water-resistant nano-coating and chargers via USB. 

Hario V60 Drip Coffee Scale 

This scale is minimalistic in function and design. It allows for precise measurements. A reliable device for hand dripping. It has all you need to pour a perfectly accurate drip coffee, from a tare function to a tamer. Note, all the timer does not start automatically, just press the start/stop button to get it going. This scale is also conveniently battery-powered by two AAA batteries. This coffee scale is not waterproof, so you will have to be careful when using it. You can measure weight and brew time simultaneously, as both indicators are visible on display. If you stick to manual brews only, the Hario V60 drip coffee scale is a great choice.

Huismart Digital Scale 

It is a cheap but solid option. It does everything you want, but it is a more affordable model. It has a built-in timer and tare button convenient for several brewing methods. A perfect pour-over coffee scale with a timer. The all proper use scale is best for everyday use. The display is backlit, which is pretty nice on a dark morning.

Moreover, it has an auto-off function to preserve the battery’s power. And a low battery indicator. It is easy to use, and it has a reasonable price.

huismart escala de café con temporizador digital, báscula de cocina alimentos escala, multifuncional LCD w/azul Backlit, pilas incluidas, color negro

Eravsow Stainless Coffee Scale

It has a round surface it can be large enough to fit most brewing methods. This scale offers units of both grams and ounces. Easy to read display, large, blacklist LCD screen. The coffee scale provides low battery and overload indication; Zero/tare function. Two AAA batteries also power it for convenience and mobility. It comes with an auto-shutoff function after 5 minutes to preserve battery power. Suitable for both coffee and regular kitchen use. It is comfortable, portable, and it is within the price range of others.

Felicita ARC Electronic Coffee Scale 

It fits on the drip tray of an espresso machine. The scales are very responsive in their 0.1g accuracy, they are fast to update, and the display is clear from various viewing angles. It is water-resistant, fast, and responsive 0.1 weight increment, up to 2kg, Auto-tare and auto timer start/stop. It can be used for pour but designed for espresso. At the same time, you can connect your smartphone via Bluetooth to Felicita app to build out recipes or track your flow rate. It is water-resistant and comes with a calibration weight.

Weightman Espresso Scale 

It can be slightly too small as a pour-over scale. However, for espresso, it is perfect. The timer function of this scale helps you record the time to brew coffee. It keeps time counting even when you take your coffee cup off. The scale is pretty fast, responsive, and accurate. It offers units of grams or ounces and has an LCD backlit display for ease of reading. It has a high-precision sensor, accurate enough to weigh jewelry, dust, coins, gems, and medicine. It turns on 2x AAA batteries, and from my experience, they will last a long time. It has a reasonable price, an excellent big display and it is durable. 

Acaia Pearl Model Scales 

The Acaia Pearl Model Scales are intelligent, chic, and extremely precise. Lunar and Pyxis models are exciting in professional settings. The price tag is considerably higher than that of an average kitchen scale. It is a coffee scale that you get what you pay for, and that is a highly durable scale that shines with accuracy and many valuable features. You can connect your coffee scale to your smartphone via Bluetooth. The pearl and Pearl S have the exact dimensions. 

Acaia Pearl Coffee Brewing Scale 

  • It has a slick, minimalist, Apple- like feel to it. 
  • This scale does not rely on batteries (Charge it via mini-USB)
  • Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Futuristic eye-catching design.
  • Water-resistant and durable. 

Acaia Lunar Espresso Scale 


  •  It was intended as an espresso scale. 
  • It is for a hectic environment, for a barista table.
  • More expensive than the pearl. 
  • Water-resistant. 
  • It has many functions. 
  • It fits on an espresso tray.

  • What type of Coffee Scale is right for you?

A coffee scale needs to have some excellent features to consider before choosing one. The main feature you should look for is pretty prominent; the coffee scale should be digital. It is more accurate, and there are easy-to-use layouts for beginners. It needs a weighing function ideally with an accuracy of 0.1 grams—also a button to reset to 0 and a digital display. Currently, in the market, there is a range of models available. These can range from the simplest to the most technologically advanced model.

Friendly options:

The simple digital scales, including tare function like kitchen scale with 1 gram or 0.1 ounces, are your more friendly option. You need to make sure its size is a fit with your brewing device. These kinds of coffee scales are not accurate enough for espresso brewing. They are not waterproof, which can cause problems when spilling hot water while brewing on the scale.

Environmentalist espresso lover:

A significant advantage of digital coffee scales is that you can recharge them via USB. Thus, you do not need to buy batteries and just enjoy an environmentally friendly option. In addition, these coffee scales measure in 0.1-gram increments for the highest precision. They also have an integrated timer for total control of your coffee brewing process.

When timing is everything: 

Digital coffee scales with a timer are more popular with hobby brewers (they measure from 0.5 or 1 gram intervals). Having a built-in timer is a convenient feature for coffee lovers and people who like to experiment with different extraction times. 

Smart and waterproof coffee scales 

Smart coffee scales are popular options for professional use due to their extreme accuracy. Also, these do not take as long to pour as they do to make espresso. Some scales are waterproof and connect via Bluetooth. You can calculate brew ratios, track your brews and save recipes via Bluetooth. However, these kinds of coffee scale have a higher price for their functionalities.

  • Why use a scale when brewing coffee?

The flavor of coffee changes depending on the ratio of coffee and water you use. Some brew methods are spectacular at the standard ratio of coffee water (1:15), and others require a different approach. You can use other alternatives to weigh coffee, like using spoons or something like that, but a scale is necessary if you want a precise ratio.  You can achieve different densities. 

It is an excellent point to know how much coffee and water you are using will allow you to either remain entirely consistent. If you know, you will enjoy your cup of coffee, and you can change different parameters accurately if you want to try something else. When you work with exact measurements, you can improve your coffee experience and achieve it. So, you need a coffee scale. 

Perhaps a coffee scale is unnecessary for some because they ignore portions. In addition, we do not experiment with coffee ratios. Therefore, we overlook the excellent benefits of measuring coffee and water to make a professional quality cup of coffee and how much we can enjoy it. For this reason, we have provided some information on the importance of using a coffee scale.  We think anyone can make professional-quality coffee at home with proper tools. Also, we show some options of the best coffee scales for your home/kitchen, and in general, we are confident you will be drinking better coffee in no time.

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