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9 Ways to Enjoy Drinking Coffee Better

posted Apr 02 2021 | All posts

9 Ways to Enjoy Drinking Coffee Better

Enjoy your coffee

Coffee is a flavorful drink that few people really know how to prepare and enjoy. Anyone can brew coffee, but what matters is if you will enjoy the taste. If you have never enjoyed coffee, you may need to explore with more different roasts options until you find the right brew for you. Sadly, many people have adopted a routine to making coffee that is anything but enjoyable. The idea is to enjoy your cup of coffee every single day and there are many easy options to achieve it.

Coffee has not always received the attention it deserves. Many countries did not have interest in how coffee was produced, bought or prepared. Also, its proper use was medicine or fuel. Things have started to change around the world. A global band of coffee connoisseurs (scientists, producers, baristas, etc…) have elevated the coffee level. There are many coffee flavors such as smooth and sweet like chocolate or blueberry (called drip or filter coffee). This expansion of flavors is due to new roasting techniques. 

All of the above is due to coffee roasters. They create a roast profile, a manipulation of time and temperature to achieve flavor in the beans because the taste of coffee in the past was based on a certain time and temperature of roasted. Recently, different cultures have worked in roasting techniques and ones that focus on the qualities of the bean. More coffee-growing countries are improving their processing techniques as well. Coffee has never had more variety or more potential to taste great than it does right now.


Steps to what to do to enjoy your coffee more

1. Choose a great coffee (high quality beans): If you want a better coffee experience say goodbye to your particular coffee that you have bought for years or bags of pre ground coffee that you can find in super markets because you will not find quality there. You must be willing to explore all alternatives, local roasteries, looking online, talk with roasters personally about their coffee, etc...There are tons of remarkable coffees to choose from.

 Avoid pre ground coffee because this kind of coffee does not give all the necessary information, you do not if it is fresh. The principal objective of some coffee companies is just to sell coffee. It is worth investing a little more in a coffee with high quality because you guarantee a better taste, aroma, and a quality of selection in coffee beans. Also, the roasted level can change the coffee flavor, how is it grown, processed and classified. You can talk with experts like baristas, roasters, farmers, etc… and try to find the best sites to buy your coffee.

2. Store beans properly: Coffee begins to lose its freshness when it is exposed to air. Coffee beans oxidize over time, and this contributes to flavor degradation. Air-tight jar is the best way to store beans. It is a good idea to place the jar in a dark, dry and cool place. Another tip when you buy a coffee is the roasted on label on the package, it helps to maint the freshness.

3. Drink thoughtfully prepared cups: You only need two ingredients to prepare coffee, it might sound easy, but they can be challenging to work with. The person who works with coffee must understand how to brew it properly, or use a machine that is capable of doing so. You can buy the best coffee beans in the world but if you do not know how to prepare it, it can produce a bad cup of coffee. 

To enjoy coffee while you are out it is recommended to patronise cafes with people that brew well or start to find out a new place where coffee is brewed properly for you. If you are at home, it is the best to learn how to prepare it. There are a lot of options and tutorials on the web, also you can find different coffee tools in the market to achieve the perfect coffee for you. You can start to learn how to brew well by hand or if you want to have more options in your house there are different pages to read about coffee makers, coffee grinders that can adapt to your needs.

4. Find the best grinder: Grinding your beans at home is better than buying pre ground coffee beans. You will need the best grinder you can find that fits your preference.You can either get an electric or manual grinder. Once coffee beans are grind they start to lose their flavor so if you have a grinder at home you can enjoy a better and freshness flavor in each cup of coffee. 

5. Experiment with timing: Water acts as a solvent. As the coffee molecules dissolve, flavour is extracted. It contributes to acidity and sweetness tend to extract more quickly than those that contribute to bitterness. The best cup of coffee has a balance of these flavors. 

Depending on the coffee preparation time, the coffee molecules can give bitter notes or make the coffee taste overly astringent. The perfect timing may vary in minutes (1 - 8 minutes) also depends on the device, the coffee you are using and the size of the grounds. On the other hand, water also influences coffee, low-quality water will only enhance acidic and bitter tastes. The best water to use when brewing coffee is purified water.

6. Taste thoughtfully: There are broad coffee flavour categories including fruity , floral, sweet, nutty, cocoa, spices, green/vegetative, sour, fermented and roasted. These flavours are soft or really strong for you. If you have never tasted coffee before try to ask for recommendations to enjoy these different flavours while you are experimenting. The more coffee you taste, the more you will discover general preferences for broad categories of flavors, such as fruits, nuts or spices. Also, you can try to develop your palate a bit when you try new coffee, smell it, etc…

7. Explore alternative brewing techniques: If you have been unsatisfied with your current coffee experience, you can search new brewing methods a try. Not all the coffee brewing techniques are equal so you can explore the different options (pour over, french press, moka pot, and aeropress methods) that the market has for you.

8. Avoid overheating and reheating: A cup of coffee that tastes really bad or bitter is usually the product of overheating and reheating. People often save some coffee for later, it is not a bad idea but, people forget to turn off the burnett at times. There are many forms to keep the coffee taste fresh like you will a pot on the warning plate for not more than one hour or more alternatives. If you consider any option that works for you, your only option is to brew a fresh cup of coffee whenever you need it.

9. Try coffee without adding milk and sugar: People often drink coffee with milk or some toppings, but if you want to enjoy the coffee that is roasted to emphasise the flavours of the bean you do not need something extra. When you want to emphasize coffee flavors milk, sugar or other things do not allow you to differentiate this.

On the other hand, some people do not have a problem with exploring coffee adding creamers and sweeteners as additives for a truly rich, flavourful, and thick texture. 


Roasting trends around the world, modern roasting techniques have expanded the range of coffee flavor and aroma.The idea is to have fun exploring, drink coffee with different things, find the drink that you like the most and never get bored of trying more alternatives. Also, you can practice with timings, and different methods, to identify the most enjoyable balance. 


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